TPE Updater - Batters

Step 1: Input your roster page

Make sure to get the correct link. You should be going to your team's roster, find your batter, and use copy the link from your browser's URL bar.

Step 2: Check your stats

Make sure your banked TPE and offense/defense stats look correct!

Something look wrong? First, check your link to make sure you are using the correct roster page.

If you are using the correct page, contact your GM to ask if they have updated your roster page recently.

Is your roster page updated but this website is not showing the right information? Contact AuGold on Discord to ask for a fix.

Step 3: TPE earned

Now we need to know how much TPE you earned this week.

First, do you want to input your activity links into this website?

Step 4: Create your update!

Now the fun part of creating your update!

Attribute Minimum Current Maximum New TPE Spent
Avoid K's vs LHP 0
Avoid K's vs RHP 0
Gap vs LHP 0
Gap vs RHP 0
Power vs LHP 0
Power vs RHP 0
Eye/Patience vs LHP 0
Eye/Patience vs RHP 0
Speed (Base & Run) 0
Stealing Ability 0
Bunting (Both) 0
Fielding Range 0
Fielding Error 0
Fielding/Catching Arm 0
Turn Double Play 0
Catcher Ability 0

Ready to update your file? Hit the button below and we will output some text for you to copy to your update page!

Step 5: Copy to your update thread

Copy the text output below and paste it into your update thread!